Application Understanding

Making sure your applications evolve to meet the needs of the business is no small task. Most organizations' legacy applications are challenging to change, suffering from software entropy, technical debt and fragmented domain knowledge.

Application Modernisation Strategy

Your application portfolio is constantly evolving. The cloud, mobility and shadow IT – on top of your routine maintenance and development - makes it difficult to ensure your critical legacy applications are keeping pace with the needs of your business. Application modernisation is an accepted IT strategy for maximising the return on investment from your mission critical applications. However, it is often difficult to get a clear picture of the true costs, risks and timeframes of modernisation projects before you start them.

Application Re-architecture and Integration

How you deliver your applications’ functionality and data to your users has become more and more complex – the demand for mobile, cloud, and browser delivery has sky-rocketed. However, many legacy applications aren’t capable of leveraging these new technologies. We offer solutions that allow you to extend your legacy applications into these new technologies and platforms, enabling you to capitalise on their proven functionality and performance. At the same time, this allows them to seamlessly integrate with modern delivery applications via Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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